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The Fyre Max650 is our best seller of 2019-2020, we had sold more than 50000 units all over the world, we use best 6063 aluminum bar whose weight is 1kg for each bar to promise the best heat dissipation, which will maximum the lifespan of the led diodes and fixture. On top configuration we use 2304pcs of Samsung LM301b and 144pcs of Osram 660nm leds, which is the top configuration on market comparing to any other brand led grow bar lights. Besides we use our unique spectrum to maximum growers' yields.



  • Physical
  • Fixture Dimonsions: 42.5″ x 42.8″ x 1.6″
  • Fixture Weight: 1080mm x 1088mm x 40mm
    36.2lbs / 16.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 44.2lbs/20kg
  • Packing Size: 1155mm x 630mm x 150mm
  • Electrical
  • Input Voltage: Standard AC 120-277V
    277-480V optional
  • Input Power: Standard 650W±5%
  • Surge Protection: 6kV
  • Power Factor: 0.96
  • Dimming: 0-100% dimmer knob
  • Power Cord Length: Standard 3m
  • Performance
  • LED Configuration: Standard 3500k & 660nm
  • LED Brand: Osram/Samsung
  • Beam Angle: 110 degree
  • Lighting Coverage: 5'x5'/1500mmx1500mm
  • PPF: 1820 umol/s
  • PPFD @ 18": 1168umol/m2/s avg. over 4'x4'
  • PPFD @ 24": 826umol/m2/s avg. over 4'x4'
  • Efficacy: 2.8 umol/j
  • Led number: 2304pcs white & 144 pcs red

All Fyre led lights  are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for three years with projected lifetime of 50000 operating hours .